About Miss Nat Mack…

“Every great design, begins with an even better story.”

Hi! My name is Nat, a born and raised Scanadian (Scottish-Canadian) I do say 'eh' and 'oi' about 45,000 times a day but I do not play the bagpipes or own a pet moose.

Growing up within a British household in Canada I had always been intrigued with anything and everything that happened in the UK. It is no secret that London in particular offers something for any and every taste. It is a place where 'uniqueness' triumphs over 'cookie-cutter' and where design continues to push boundaries.

Having moved to the UK over 5 years ago I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients across a diverse range of industries. From editorial to creative direction I work hard for my clients and continue to push those boundaries every day.